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About Coastal Edge FMA

Coastal Edge Filipino Martial Arts is based on the teachings of Sungkudan International’s founder GM Felix Guinabo and Datu / Grand Master Bram Frank the founder of Common Sense Self Defence / Street Combat. GM Bram was himself a student of Founder and Father of Modern Arnis Professor Remy Presas Filipino Martial Arts are also
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Chief Instructor Steve Drayton

Steve started his martial arts journey in 1980 since then he has achieved the following 6th Degree Master Sungkudan International Member of Grand Masters and Masters Guild of Sungkudan International 5th Dan in CSSD/SC Combative Systems, 4th Dan in CSSD/SC Combat Arnis: Tactical Arnis, 4th Dan CSSD/SC Arnis / Conceptual Modern Arnis, Advanced Instructor Tactical
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Our mission and values

Our Mission Empowerment through martial arts Coastal Edge FMA’s mission is to provide high quality, individually appropriate training to all of its students, all of the time. Coastal Edge FMA will provide education in the lawful, ethical and reasonable use of force for the purpose of self-protection and the protection of others. We promote the
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What is Filipino Martial Arts?

Arnis, Eskrima and Kali are broad terms that describe the indigenous fighting arts of the Filipino people. The art in general covers the use of impact tools (sticks), edged tools, as well as empty hand and improvised weapons usage. The phrase “one mind any weapon “is very applicable to Filipino Martial Arts. The skills learned
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