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Our Mission

Empowerment through martial arts

Coastal Edge FMA’s mission is to provide high quality, individually appropriate training to all of its students, all of the time. Coastal Edge FMA will provide education in the lawful, ethical and reasonable use of force for the purpose of self-protection and the protection of others. We promote the pragmatic use of Filipino Martial arts in all that encompasses. Training is provided in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

It is a core belief of Coastal Edge FMA that everyone is equal and therefore deserves a fair go. Coastal Edge FMA values diversity and equal opportunity

With martial arts as its vehicle we believe that training serves to improve the individual, therefore we will provide an environment that is both positive and constructive

We encourage students to have an open mind and to gain knowledge from whatever source they feel is appropriate and share that knowledge in a responsible manner

In no particular order (as all are in important) the following are the core values of Coastal Edge FMA

Coastal Edge FMA is non-political, please leave your politics and ego’s outside of the training environment