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About Coastal Edge FMA

Coastal Edge Filipino Martial Arts is based on the teachings of Sungkudan International’s founder GM Felix Guinabo and Datu / Grand Master Bram Frank the founder of Common Sense Self Defence / Street Combat. GM Bram was himself a student of Founder and Father of Modern Arnis Professor Remy Presas
Filipino Martial Arts are also known as Arnis, Eskrima, Kali. It is a weapons based art however it also uses the principles for empty hand techniques
Whilst teaching the art and concepts of Filipino Martial Arts , Coastal Edge will show you the simplicity of application and how it can be used in the real world. Enabling you to keep yourself and those you care about safe. Just as importantly you will be taught about legal use of force, so you know when you are able to legally use force, what type of reasonable force can be used.
Being a tribal based system, we want the members of our tribe to be effective as soon as possible and no warrior ever went to war with out a weapon. This means that you will be taught from the beginning about impact tools ie the stick. You will be taught the principles of usage and then how this translates this to other areas of application for example empty-hand. Of course it is not just about sticks and empty hand work, Coastal Edge encourages the principle of “one mind any weapon”
At Coastal Edge FMA everyone is treated as individual because we are all different. We all have different needs and abilities. Coastal Edge FMA believes in the empowerment of it’s students
As you will soon see the club takes a very relaxed approach to training however we take what we do very seriously and safety is our number one priority but we do have a lot of fun along the way.
What you can expect
Quality realistic training
Student welfare is our priority
Friendly atmosphere
No need to learn a foreign language
Simple but effective
Improve confidence and awareness
Suitable for people of all abilities and levels of fitness
Weapons dealt with realistically
You won’t have to wear traditional martial arts uniform
Coastal Edge Filipino Martial Arts is based on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales
We can be contacted on 0404187757