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Coastal Edge FMA logo

So what is the Coastal Edge logo all about? The sun is iconic to the Philippines, it is featured on the national flag with the 8 rays of the sun each representing 8 Philippine provinces. Therefore, honouring and representing the origin of our art and the Filipino people. On the Coastal Edge logo, it also represents movement and some of the main angles of attack

You will also notice that the sun turns into a wave, this represents the key concept of Filipino Martial Arts of the FLOW. The flow being the constant movement, the filling of space the emptying of space, the looking for opportunities

Think of water, so vital to life. It can be gentle, healing, soothing, sit and watch the motion of water be it the ocean, a river, a lake It can refresh the soul. However, it also can be incredibly destructive, harmful and even take life

To quote Bruce Lee “Be the water not the rock”

It also is to symbolises change, our growth in our training, our personal transformation as we move through life. Nothing stays the same

The logo is coloured red, the colour which is also featured on the national flag of the Philippines, it is normally flown with the blue side up. When the red section of the flag is upper most, it means that the country is at war. Filipino martial arts is a warrior art, not only used currently by the Filipino military but by militaries and law enforcement around the world

The knives on the logo are the Presas family jungle bolos, honouring Professor Remy Presas the founder of Modern Arnis. They are also there to honour Datu / Grand Master Bram Frank. Himself a first-generation student of Professor Presas, who has had a major influence on my martial arts and who introduced me to FMA. Datu Bram is most definitely a blade guy and says that the bolo is the soul of Arnis and I agree.  The stick of course is most commonly associated with FMA and a safe training tool when used correctly